User manual DOCUMENT MANAGER PRO (excerpts)


  • installation
  • objective
  • permissions
  • home page

The following installation instructions describe how to import the Document Manager Pro application into your Intrexx Portal. It also describes any updates to the application. more ...


  • types of documents
  • domains
  • workflows
  • system configuration

In the Management area, you as administrator can configure the check and release workflows in the application and create different categories such as document types. These are available to the editors when entering documents. more ...


  • Documents
  • resubmission
  • Expired
  • archive
  • document tree

The Administration area gives you an overview of all documents. The menu item Administration is only visible for "DV administrators". In the Administration submenu you will find the links "Documents", "Resubmission", "Expired", "Archive" and "Document tree". more ...


  • Create new document
  • Check or release document

The menu item "Editing" allows editors to add and edit documents. The links "Documents", "Resubmission", "Expired" and "Archive" show the corresponding documents for which the registered user is the editor (see Administration). more ...


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